Insight / 13.03.2020

We are sure that you all have seen the media headlines about the global equity market declines this week and whilst we agree that there will be a financial effect felt by the global economy, we can't help but think that investors are behaving in a similar fashion to those swarming the local supermarkets across the global shopping centres, clamouring for the last roll of toilet paper....

Insight / 23.01.2020

If you haven’t come across the term “behavioural finance” before, then it’s something I’d suggest that every investor gains at least a working knowledge of. In a nutshell, behavioural finance is the study of the effect of psychological traits on investor behaviour, countering the assumption inherent with traditional financial theory, that markets and investors behave perfectly rationally....

Insight / 17.12.2019

After two years of headlines and confusion, the Treasury Laws Amendment (Reducing Pressure on Housing Affordability Measures) Bill 2019 has now been passed by the Senate and is now only awaiting Royal Assent. Simply put, this means that Australian expats and other non-resident Australian property owners will now lose their entitlement to the Main Residence Exemption....

Insight / 23.05.2019

In this week’s article, I take a look at a portfolio I reallocated several months ago to ask the pointed question: “was it the right decision?”. At the time, I had discussed with the client (inherited from another Financial Advisory firm in Singapore) the basis for my proposal to sell him out of funds he was in; due to poor past...

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