• A favourite saying of mine (among many!) is that you can "always guarantee charges, but never guarantee returns", so it clearly makes sense to minimise those charges. Not doing so represents a lost opportunity to avoid paddling upstream in an unnecessarily leaky boat.

  • If you transferred your UK pension(s) into a QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) or into a SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) recently, one of the motivations may have been to gain flexibility around how your cash is invested.

  • Many dream of becoming financially independent but it rarely happens overnight.You can increase your chances of breaking the shackles of “working to live” if you implement these five money habits:

  • The two most critical types of personal insurance I discuss with clients are life cover and critical illness cover. The former pays a lump sum to named beneficiaries on your death, and the latter pays a single lump sum or multiple lump sums to you if you experience one of the standard list of critical illnesses (as defined by the Life Insurance Association in Singapore).

  • Navigator is an investment platform provided by Aviva, a leading insurance and investment company here in Singapore.Navigator provides access to an extensive range of funds from which a client can choose to invest their cash, with the assistance of a licensed Financial Adviser (who will advise on which funds are suitable, based on the client’s priorities and

A "REIT" (Real Estate Investment Trust) is, quite simply, an investment asset type in the same way that a "Bond" or an "Equity" is an investment asset type.Just as an "Equity" (e.g. as identified by the ticker "MSFT") generally relates to a legal corporate structure known as a "limited company" (e.g. as identified by the ...

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